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T-Mobile addresses port-out scam by texting customers

By Jules Wang February 2, 2018, 12:14 am

T-Mobile is notifying customers and urging them to add a port validation passcode to their accounts.

The messages come as what’s known as port-out scams continue to grow in popularity. It mainly affects those who don’t have a PIN or a passcode guarding access to their account when accessed through customer service. The scammer will usually attempt to either extort money or gain access to banking information by switching a phone number they picked up to another network, locking the actual user out of their account in the process.

According to TmoNews, this is the text that T-Mobile subscribers are receiving:

T-Mobile Alert: We have identified an industry-wide phone number port out scam and encourage you to add account security. Learn more: t-mo.co/secure

The link takes them to an explanation page urging users to dial T-Mobile from either 611 or 1-800-937-8997 and set up a 6-to-15-digit passcode — separate from the myT-Mobile account password that already exists. Users will need to remember that passcode for themselves if they decide to switch carriers at some point, but malicious actors will be prevented from duping customers.

As T-Mobile says, this is an industry-wide problem, so you should contact your carrier as well and ask if it can place a passcode for porting on your account.

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