T-Mobile has been having the worst time lately trying to roll out essential software updates for many popular devices on the nation’s top “Un-carrier”, and fumbling the ball more than once just in the past couple of months.

With that in mind, we must applaud T-Mo for courageously deploying two Oreo goodie packs and another two security patches last Thursday and Friday, June 28 and 29. Make that three official Oreo upgrades if you separately consider Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Following Verizon’s false starts, AT&T stole the spotlight a few weeks back, with Big Red finally getting it right shortly thereafter, and Sprint joining the party not long ago.

That makes T-Mobile the last of America’s “big four” wireless service providers to replace Android Nougat with Oreo on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and the same goes for the LG G6. Curiously, the latter phone has the Android 8.0-based update already confirmed on the operator’s support webpages, also including “various bug fixes and software improvements”, while the S7 and S7 Edge continue to be listed as running OS version 7.0.

Even weirder, Samsung’s two 2016 flagships seem stuck with the April 1 security patch level (no joke) after scoring Oreos, whereas the older, Nougat-running Galaxy Note 5 has just received a fresh batch of security improvements.

The same June security update is rolling out OTA as we speak to the Galaxy S8 Active as well, but if it makes Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners feel any better, their Oreo package also includes native support for 100MB transfers and 100-person group chats with GSMA Universal Profile 1.0 activation. That’s a pretty big deal!

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