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T-Mobile OnePlus 6T can be unlocked, few carrier apps pre-loaded

By Jules Wang November 2, 2018, 6:00 pm

With the advent of the OnePlus partnership with T-Mobile to carry the OnePlus 6T, there will be some limitations — so it goes for bringing any phone to a network retailer.

For starters, the Un-carrier will only stock the mainline Mirror Black variant with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for $579.99 or $24.17 monthly for two years — it’s offering $300 off with an eligible trade-in and that includes all of OnePlus’s previous phones.

If customers decide that T-Mobile isn’t right for them — it does support the company’s exclusive 600MHz spectrum — they can apply to the network to SIM unlock for use elsewhere after 40 consecutive days of use and when the balance of the device is paid off. Customers can pay off that balance or any portion of it at any point before the mandated monthly payment.

T-Mobile OnePlus 6T users will not have access to the OxygenOS Open Beta program and cannot uninstall the Unlock app (for network unlocking) and the T-Mobile app for account management. One Redditor learned that they could uninstall two pre-loaded apps: Name ID and Visual Voicemail. The rest is regular OxygenOS.

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