What comes after “Un-carrier Next”, T-Mobile’s 13th industry-revolutionizing move and grand publicity stunt since 2013, unveiled at the very beginning of this year as an attempt to lump all taxes and fees into the standard cost of the network’s ONE (and only) wireless plan?

Well, technically, the soon to be released T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ offer is not billed by John Legere as the next next Un-carrier feat. But it’s a pretty big deal nonetheless, backed by customarily bombastic PR and ruthless criticism of the “Duopoly.”

It’s hard to argue with accusations of “senior” AT&T and Verizon plans patronizing today’s “modern, mobile adults”, who like to spend almost the same amount of time on their smartphones as “Gen Xers and Millennials.”

T-Mo would obviously like the “generation that invented wireless” to pull out of their routinely unfavorable and even insulting contracts with the competition, offering to cover all switching costs, no strings attached.

Better yet, Americans age 55 and up can get two lines of unlimited T-Mobile ONE service for a grand total of just $60 a month starting August 9, taxes and fees included, with Autopay. The first line is $50, and the second a measly 10 bucks, compared to the $70 and $30 rates of two “standard” T-Mobile ONE lines. No fake IDs accepted.

Apparently, T-Mo is serious about checking IDs of new subscribers in retail stores to verify your membership of the “rule breakers” club that “gave us the Mobile Era”, while eligible existing customers can sign up for T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ service by phone or online in addition to offline.

There doesn’t seem to be any difference between the list of benefits associated with the 55+ plans and “regular” ONE accounts, so you’re looking at Simple Global, Mobile Without Borders, DIGITS, Mobile Hotspot, Carrier Freedom and T-Mobile Tuesdays perks here as well. Also, the usual throttling and tethering limitations.

Adrian has had an insatiable passion for writing since he was in school and found himself writing philosophical essays about the meaning of life and the differences between light and dark beer. Later, he realized this was pretty much his only marketable skill, so he first created a personal blog (in Romanian) and then discovered his true calling, which is writing about all things tech (in English).

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