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T-Mobile ONE Prepaid and Simply Prepaid make us question why MetroPCS is around

By Jules Wang March 27, 2017, 2:55 pm

At prepaid carrier MetroPCS, you can pay $60 a month for unlimited LTE usage on T-Mobile’s network with 8GB of LTE-speed hotspot and HD video streaming. Pay $5 more monthly and you’ll get international texting or unlimited plan usage in either Canada or Mexico. Another $10 and you’ll get international calling to 75 countries. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Well, T-Mobile is still offering first-party prepaid plans to essentially cannibalize its own subsidiary and raise its ARPU just a bit with questionably refreshed plan offerings including a new $75 tier called T-Mobile ONE Prepaid.

You won’t get what the better-paying postpaid customers get, but unlimited LTE data (up to 30GB, where your activity may get cramped pending traffic), service in Mexico and Canada, unlimited 3G hotspot and streaming video capped at 480p sounds okay if, say, you can’t do the $70 postpaid plan because of credit issues. The Un-carrier is heavily encouraging users to bring their own devices.

Then again, you could BYOD for the regular T-Mobile ONE plan and get LTE hotspot and HD video streaming for $5 per month less. Just sayin’.

More typical plans with unlimited talk and text, but only 4GB and 6GB data buckets are available for $45 and $55 rates, respectively. Streaming is capped at SD resolution with the “Data Maximizer,” which can be turned off in the T-Mobile app. The “Mexico + Canada Unlimited” service package is a $5 add-on from here. For all plans, there’s a $15 monthly US-to-international calling add-on.

Yeah, we’d take the MetroPCS plans too. Perhaps that’s why this news hasn’t been getting much buzz from corporate.

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