T-Mobile ONE Plus price reportedly going up to $80 per month

One Sprint executive called the race to the bottom in service plan pricing “probably not” sustainable. And it seems that chip has hit T-Mobile square in the ONE.

T-Mobile employees have been spreading word across Reddit and the media that the T-Mobile ONE Plus plan, which has the equivalent features of the standard Verizon Unlimited Plan, will go up to that competing plan’s monthly rate of $80 from $75. The four-line rate would jump to $200 — that’s up against Verizon’s $180 family rate. You may keep in mind that T-Mobile wraps in government and network charges and also the fact that when ONE Plus was crowded in by an even more expensive ONE Plus International package, it weighed in at $85.

The standard T-Mobile ONE plan, at $70 per month, should remain untouched.

BGR notes that the Un-carrier has been nickeling and diming with fee increases for overseas calling, conference calling, so-called maintenance and network activation.

The move is expected to take hold tomorrow, July 6.

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