It seems T-Mobile’s newly implemented one-plan-fits-all “Un-carrier 12” strategy may have already backfired, but in an unusually prompt answer to customer criticism feedback, even for the always serviceable John Legere, Magenta decided to tweak the terms and conditions before the initial changes were enforced in the first place.

As such, you can now look forward to unlimited 3G mobile hotspot data speeds, i.e. 512kbps, up a whopping 400 percent from what T-Mo originally had in mind. Granted, there’s still room for improvement, but at least “quick and decisive action” was indeed taken to arguably make things substantially better for folks willing to share their data across multiple devices.

T-Mobile One HD Day Passes are also officially introduced today, hooking you up with “all the HD video streaming you want, whenever you need it”, in exchange for a measly $3 a day.

Finally, a “premium connectivity add-on” fittingly dubbed T-Mobile One Plus enters the stage to provide faster speeds abroad (up to 3G “wherever available”), unlimited high-speed 4G LTE mobile hotspot data, and most importantly, unlimited HD Day Passes. Unfortunately, it sounds like you have to remember to ask for one every 24 hours, which makes zero sense, complicating an already convoluted network structure that was supposed to be the textbook definition of simplicity.

The One Plus plan (let’s call it a plan, shall we?) will set you back a grand total of $95 for your first line of service, the actual add-on costing $25 on top of the $70 standard T-Mobile One monthly fee. Oh, well, at least the new unlimited everything options are now slated to launch September 1 instead of five days later.

Source: T-Mobile

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