T-Mobile continues to perform live surgery on its flagship $70 ONE service package to its customers after the big revamp last week that was triggered by Verizon’s move to re-introduce an unlimited data plan. It eliminated the need for subscribers to turn on their “unlimited HD Day Passes” for streaming video daily and has now gone to improving maximum data throughput on international roaming.

The Un-carrier has allowed travelers in more than 140 territories (excluding Canada and Mexico, where full-speed roaming is in effect) to upload and download at speeds of up to 128kbps. That’s barely bareable for Facebook updates and tourism sites. It’s not nearly enough to grab a proper map image in quick time. Fortunately, we now see it doubled to “3G speeds” of 256kbps.

Verizon Unlimited customers pay $10 per day to access data internationally while Sprint bundles it into their plans, but keeps the speeds below 128kbps. We’re just not sure if you wouldn’t be better off with T-Mobile or a local provider for the time you’re away from the US.

The T-Mobile ONE Plus upgrade has once again dropped from a $15 per month add-on to a $5 per month add-on while the T-Mobile ONE Plus International is still $25.

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