T-Mobile ONE changes in response to Verizon Unlimited plan

So, Verizon Unlimited can offer 10GB of LTE hotspot and HD-quality video streams? T-Mobile can, too, and at a cheaper rate.

So says the Un-carrier’s CEO, John Legere. He fired an assault of tweets disparaging Verizon for losing “their network advantage” and its “‘you don’t need unlimited’ bullshit” and launched a response to the Verizon Unlimited plan in upgrading the standard $70 T-Mobile ONE plan.

Prior to the announcement, hotspot data was unlimited, but only at 2G speeds. In addition to including 10GB of hotspot at LTE speeds, more tethering data can be used at 3G speeds. It’s not clear how fast streaming video will need to be to achieve “HD” (720p? 1080p?) quality as the current 480p cap is marked at 1.5Mbps. We’re left wondering also about speeds for other streaming utilities like gaming and music. Verizon has not made clear what its “HD” quality streams entail.

T-Mobile also touts that its customers can pay for their plans in-store with cash and credit, something that Verizon doesn’t allow. It also is promoting its unlimited high-speed data roaming for Canada and Mexico versus Verizon’s 500MB per day limit and pushes the inclusion of unlimited 2G connectivity the world over. There’s also a free hour of in-flight Gogo Wi-Fi.

The changes take effect for new and existing T-Mobile One customers on Friday. An individual line will still cost $70 per month, but all subsequent lines will now cost only an extra $30 — that means $100 a month for two lines, $20 less than before.

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