While T-Mobile’s user base still stands at less than half of Verizon and AT&T’s subscriber counts, and Magenta’s call and data quality remain arguably mediocre, “innovative” services like Binge On, as well as super-convenient JUMP! On Demand deals, were bound to vastly improve the “Uncarrier’s” consumer satisfaction scores.

Let’s not forget the John Legere-commanded wireless network outfit essentially paved the way for all “big four” operators to ditch contracts, or T-Mo’s frequent publicity stunts that may often seem childish, but almost always stay with you.

At the end of the day, it’s really not surprising to see the carrier that constantly went the extra mile of late finally top the Consumer Reports National Research Center’s charts, based on feedback from no less than 90,000 US mobile users.

T-Mobile edged out the former leader with an overall score of 73 out of a possible 100, compared to 70 for Verizon, whereas AT&T barely made the podium, at 68 points, literally beating Sprint’s 67 tally by a whisker.

Technically however, Magenta was itself eclipsed by smaller prepaid specialists like Consumer Cellular, Cricket, Page Plus Cellular, Republic Wireless, and Ting Wireless, all of these racking up “exceptional scores for value” that compensated for generally patchy coverage.

Of course, none of the above represent real competition for the subscriber-dominating quartet, as 80 percent of survey respondents remain faithful to Big Red, Ma Bell, T-Mo, and the Now Network. Meanwhile, just 6 percent of the canvassed sample switched operators in the past year, which is a shockingly low number, given nearly half of these moved to greener pastures, with monthly rates dropping by $20+.

Source: ConsumerReports
Via: CNN Money

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