There’s a fine line between good-natured jokes and distasteful insults, lighthearted and overly dark humor, shockingly solid marketing and publicity stunts merely meant to shock.

T-Mobile has been dancing around this line ever since the outspoken, arguably charismatic but often crude John Legere took control of the “UnCarrier”, making good on its controversial reputation once again these past few days.

After further simplifying T-Mobile One “plans” by eliminating taxes and fees at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Legere himself starred in a decidedly, almost uncharacteristically cute commercial subtly aimed at the competition.

Things took a rapid turn for the… weird and outright disgusting last night though, as T-Mo pushed a similar ad on TV during one of too many Golden Globe Awards breaks. Similar in general concept, but not in execution, with a terrible pun on the word “fee” at its core.

Yes, fee sounds a lot like flea, and so, the twisted “creative” minds behind T-Mobile’s newest commercial spawned a grotesque scene where a concerned mother discovers flea-like little beasts crawling around an unsuspecting daughter’s scalp.

The origin of these line access and administrative fees, as well as state taxes infesting the teenage girl’s brother’s hair, are of course traced back to an AT&T-subscribing family, which should be amusing, but it’s not. No points for trying either.

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