Could T-Mobile Netherlands use a little John Legere?

T-Mobile, after two years of making cutthroat marketing and pricing moves that have forced competitors to do the same, has seen major growth in its subscriber ranks. Parent company Deutsche Telekom has overseen a userbase decline in T-Mobile Netherlands operations of 1.2 million — or a quarter subscribers over the past four years. Right now, executives are considering what to do to turn that around.

According to anonymous sources reporting to Bloomberg, one option of several is to pour a heaping dose of T-Mobile US’s aggressive strategy. A following question: say “when?”

What we mean is that competing Dutch carriers are already doing good with the price chopper, at least in terms of services. Where T-Mobile US does take it a step further by undercutting the market when it comes to hardware price and service discounts like Binge On and the other Un-carrier programs.

Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hoettges said in a February interview that the Netherlands branch “could offer something like we have offered in the US, being quite aggressive on that one.”

But will we see the same brash corporate attitude that CEO John Legere brought to the US carrier? Will T-Mobile Netherlands have a figurehead that will openly belittle competitors and act the part of a dogged consumer activist for all of the industry’s partakers? That is part and parcel of the whole campaign that raked in cellular switchers in the first place. Maybe it might be too much for the Netherlands to take. We’ll have to wait and see if and when Deutsche Telekom goes through with this path.

DT has been looking to sell both T-Mobile US and T-Mobile Netherlands in recent months. The T-Mobile US spin-off bid has been delayed as it takes part in the 600MHz spectrum auction. T-Mobile Netherlands wasn’t able to command a sufficient price for Deutsche Telekom to sell.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Tmonews

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