Those who want a safer home has had a marketplace full of protective service providers for the longest time. Now, people are looking to the Internet of Things to make their homes smarter, too. Alphabet-owned Nest has been filling that gap and now, T-Mobile is giving it a cellular backbone.

The Un-carrier is now offering a Nest Secure system, the first in the industry to offer an integrated hardware and connections package.

Each pack includes a base station with a keypad, motion detector, alarm and cellular backup service. Two separate Nest Detect sensors can capture door state and motion while two Nest Tags keep track of objects. A Nest Cam Indoor is included with Nest Aware for 10 days of continuous video backup.

Built-in batteries should keep the system live while power is out. Here’s the big push: if the home internet’s down, T-Mobile’s network as a lifeline to keep Nest services up.

The T-Mobile Nest security pack is available from November 10 at the source link for $240 down and $10 per month on an EIP. More importantly, a separate data plan that covers applicable devices in the system costs $10 per month after a $5 bill credit.

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