HTC’s myTouch 4G Slide (AKA Doubleshot) feels like it’s nearly upon us. We’re hoping the smartphone is among the HTC models that will be featured by T-Mobile at its launch event scheduled for June 8, and just yesterday we saw the publication of the phone’s FCC documentation. Now some close-up images of the Android are circulating, finally showing the handset’s QWERTY keyboard in all its blurrycam glory.

The problem with the MT4GS, or at least with spotting pics of it, is that it’s just so similar to the original myTouch 4G, that without seeing its keyboard exposed you might mistake it for its predecessor. The images at the bottom of this post, for example, we believe to be the MT4GS, but it’s difficult to say for sure.

The keyboard looks to be standard four-row fare, from what we can see, and the source behind the pics described the keys’ actions as “squishy”. We had been speculating over the existence of any 3D tech in the MT4GS, but the source shoots down that idea, noting that the smartphone has a standard 2D display that left him unimpressed. On the other hand, performance is supposed to be stellar, which really shouldn’t be a surprise considering the MSM8660 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon under the hood.

Look for possible MT4GS news to come from next Wednesday’s event. On the chance that it won’t be among the HTCs featured, sit tight; we may just have to wait until later in the month.



Source: BGR

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