Back when Nokia’s first Windows Phone 8 models were announced, T-Mobile got itself a special version of the Lumia 820, its own Lumia 810. That phone is only about six months old at this point, but it looks like it’s already being put out to pasture, with a new leak marking the handset as approaching its EOL date.

According to the document, T-Mobile is assigning the 810 end-of-life status as of next month, but before then you should start to see it replaced with the Lumia 521. Just as T-Mobile got itself a custom 820 with the 810, the 521 is its version of the 520.

Now, something’s a little off here, as this mentions the 521 arriving on April 24. Earlier this month, T-Mobile announced that sales of the 521 wouldn’t begin until May. We could just be talking about dummy models here, for in-store display, or maybe the carrier has reconsidered its launch plans.

The most unfortunate part may be that the 521 doesn’t really measure up to the 810, so even if newer, it’s not a very good replacement; it has a smaller display, slower SoC, and half as much RAM.

Source: TmoNews

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