T-Mobile LTE CellSpot gets an update, Signal Booster introduced

T-Mobile has two new products that will help expand its sprawling, but uneven network into your home, office or wherever you happen to need a little extra signal in your life. But you wouldn’t know it if you didn’t ask around about it.

The 4G LTE CellSpot V2 (pictured above) takes off from the 2015 original with a slimmer, more stable profile, better heat dissipation and other hardware and software tweaks. It takes a home Ethernet connection and channels it out to T-Mobile devices on LTE Bands 2 and 4 and a few UMTS (3G or 4G) bands, too. Up to eight users can be on LTE and a further eight can be on the older technology at once.

If you prefer to amplify an existing strong T-Mobile signal in one part of your abode to other parts where it is weaker, you can do that through the Signal Booster Duo. It supports 16 voice connections and 4 data connections simultaneously through LTE Bands 2, 4 and even 12, UMTS and HSPA.

Both devices are loaned to customers who ask for it at a store. The Signal Booster Duo does require a $25 deposit. A non-return fee does apply if service is canceled and the devices don’t make it back to T-Mobile within a period of time.

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