T-Mobile LG G4 owners, your Android Marshmallow update awaits in LG Bridge

Normally, we probably wouldn’t bother reporting on 6.0 upgrades for all carrier-specific US versions of all semi-popular 2015 Android devices. But there are still so few of them brought up to date, even after four months of Marshmallow “optimization”, that the T-Mobile LG G4’s software makeover feels like huge news.

It’s been a long month and a half since Sprint started dishing out sweet over-the-air M goodies to its own G4 model, and Magenta can’t exactly follow suit, distributing the update merely via the LG Bridge tool.

That entails physically hooking up your phone to a Windows PC or Mac, which sounds barbaric, but the end result rids you of Lollipop for good, so the effort is totally worth it. Besides, the OTA rollout should also get underway soon, if no last-minute bugs transpire, so in case you were on the fence about buying the LG G4, now’s the perfect time to act.

Sure, the 5.5-incher is practically middle-aged in mobile tech years, with a sequel mere weeks away, but at the same time, it’s quite the bargain, at $400 through T-Mo, no contracts required. Even better, in physical stores, you can purchase one of these or the newer, hotter, stronger V10, and score a second copy for half-off. That almost sounds worth snubbing the G5 for, doesn’t it?

Source: Reddit
Via: Android Central

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