T-Mobile launching 4×4 MIMO service and enhancements for theoretical 400Mbps downloads

Verizon launched LTE Advanced service last week. T-Mobile’s CTO, Neville Ray, took “a big yawn” and decided to announce that 4×4 MIMO service has already went live in 319 cities and that Quadrature Amplitude Modulation would also help its customers get download speeds up to 400Mbps.

Whoop de doo. That’s more for the cavalier attitude. The improvements are a bit more concrete.

Reddit caught T-Mobile testing advanced MIMO services last month. The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are already set for 4×4 MIMO while other devices will get an OTA for support. QAM, on the other hand, is a technology currently in use for digital cable TV transmissions, but can be applied for any data. Uploads are being enhanced with 64-QAM while downloads have the 256-QAM standard, the standard with more throughput potential.

All of this in the hopes that T-Mobile can up the average download speed range, currently at 7-40Mbps. Uploads are around 7-20Mbps.

“Verizon has spent billions on their network, and it is still slower than T-Mobile, and Verizon still won’t (or can’t) offer unlimited data,” Ray said in a press release.

T-Mobile pegs Verizon’s announcement of LTE-A as an announcement of a pretty common technology at this point, 2 channel carrier aggregation. Sure, Verizon might have 2CA in 36 more markets than T-Mobile, but Ray goes on to tout that the Un-carrier has launched more LTE-A technologies on its network than any other in the US — seven, for those keeping count.

Source: T-Mobile

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