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T-Mobile JUMP! On Demand lease option is sunsetting

By Jules Wang October 5, 2016, 5:20 pm
T-Mobile JUMP On Demand

One crazy, but innovative (“crazy innovative”) phone leasing plan is said to be headed out to pasture. The same T-Mobile that launched JUMP! On Demand has quietly removed any option to pick it up in stores or online.

JUMP! On Demand was introduced last year to allow customers to trade up to a new phone as often as three times a year, paying only a monthly lease for each phone and an small extra fee every month. The only available expedited upgrade add-on is just plain ‘ol JUMP!, which lets users trade in and upgrade once half their current phone’s balance has been paid off.

An editor from PhoneArena found the news out first-hand from a store representative, then a call center rep that the carrier was not offering new lines JUMP! On Demand and the plan was being phased out.

The phone rep said that he was still adding customers onto the plan through September.

Source: PhoneArena
Via: Phandroid

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