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All T-Mobile iPhone 5 Options Get Priced

By Stephen Schenck March 27, 2013, 4:19 pm

We weren’t sure it was going to happen, but sure enough, at yesterday’s UNcarrier event, T-Mobile announced the start of iPhone sales. The carrier will start selling them on April 12, and unlike the currently available GSM models, this one will offer 3G support on T-Mobile’s AWS band, in addition to T-Mobile LTE (where available). Yesterday, we got details on the 16GB version of the iPhone 5, but what about if you need a little more storage? Today, we can flesh things out with pricing and availability info for the 32GB and 64GB versions.

The 16GB iPhone 5 is going to run you about $100 upfront, and those $20 monthly payments over the next two years bring the full cost of ownership up to $580. Considering Apple wants $650 for an off-contract 16GB iPhone 5, T-Mobile saves you $70.

That much we knew, but now we can see how T-Mobile’s pricing works out for the larger capacity models. Initially, at least, there aren’t going to be available in T-Mobile stores, and anyone looking to get one will have to place their orders online. The 32GB iPhone 5 will demand a $200 down payment, and those same 24 months of $20 installments. That’s $680 total, compared to Apple’s $750, for another savings of $70.

The deal isn’t quite as good for the 64GB version, which will sell for $300 upfront, plus those $20 payments. All told, that’s $780, but Apple only charges a $50 premium for the 64GB over the 32GB, not $100 like T-Mobile. As a result, you only save $20 compared to Apple.

Source: TmoNews

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