T-Mobile investigating after customer gets named “IDIOT IDIOT”

Bullying. It ain’t nice. Anything from assault to just plain name calling, it can sting.

But professionally speaking, we think there’s something wrong if you call one of your customers “IDIOT.”

One guy named Luke who wrote into BGR to complain about T-Mobile said that he joined the Un-carrier through an iPhone 7 trade-in promotion on September 9. He made his pre-order, waited a month, then turned in his iPhone 6s for a new iPhone 7, free through bill credits.

While carriers claim that it can take up to two or three cycles to start seeing those credits, Luke has yet to get his credits logged in.

Luke’s account of his customer service experience had him jumping hoops on the phone, so he reached out to T-Mobile support on Twitter and was told that he didn’t purchase the device until October 7 — patently not true, Luke says. The customer rep then says that the issue will take up to 10 business days to resolve and Luke reluctantly agrees.

The next day, he logged in and saw that his name was changed to “IDIOT,” which he thought was a honest mistake at first — he lives in Illinois and thought his account could’ve been mislabeled with the state’s Department of Transportation — although when he saw that his previously empty nickname slot had changed to “IDIOT IDIOT,” that’s when things got weird.

Contrary to further company support prodding, Luke claims that one profile change was made only the day he created his account with T-Mobile on October 12. He attempted to change his nickname back to his real name and found that the change was not logged.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere responded to a tweet on this story, saying that the company is investigating the issue. It may turn out that it’s all just one personal publicity stunt. But given that Big Magenta ranks with the most customer complaints to the FTC out of all other major carriers in the US, it’s possible that someone decided to pull an “Assh*le Brown” like Comcast did for one of its customers a couple of years ago.

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