Coming up to HTC’s launch of the One M8 for Windows earlier this month, we thought we were looking at a Verizon exclusive. At least, that’s where all the evidence seemed to be pointing, and when the time came for the handset to go official, HTC was calling Verizon its “exclusive launch partner.” But the thing about a smartphone exclusive, versus a launch exclusive like we have here, is that the latter leaves the door open for other carriers to pick up the handset a little further down the line, after that exclusivity period has waned. Indeed, mere hours after the One M8 for Windows was confirmed, AT&T popped up with its own announcement, saying it would add the phone to its lineup “at a later date.” We still don’t know just when that will be, but it’s becoming clear AT&T won’t be alone in being fashionably late to the One M8 for Windows party, as today T-Mobile reveals its own intentions for the handset.

We still don’t have a hard ETA, but T-Mobile’s language is a bit more specific than AT&T’s, and it talks about getting the One M8 for Windows in time for the holiday season.

That could mean we’re still several months out from T-Mobile getting the phone, and it’s looking likely that Verizon could end up with something like a three-month period of exclusivity before the other carriers get involved; presumably, AT&T would start WP One M8 sales at much the same time T-Mobile’s get underway.

We know, that’s a while to wait, but it’s still promising to see AT&T and T-Mobile revealing their intentions for this handset so far in advance of when they’ll actually start sales – perhaps a testament to their confidence in the model?

Source: T-Mobile

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