This video goes over some of the interesting added customizations and software bundles that we’ll find in the MyTouch 4G Slide. It features a customized version of HTC Sense 3.0 which includes a different look and some lost functionality. For example, there are only 5 home screens that you can swipe between, and even though there is a zoomed-out view, you can’t edit the order in which the home screens appear or are arranged.

The MyTouch 4G comes with a few nice bundled apps. You get Adobe Reader, Bejeweled 2, the HTC Flashlight, a Friend Stream app that nicely aggregates social updates from Facebook and Twitter, DoubleTwist sync for syncing media, and T-Mobile Highlight for some news updates and things you might want to buy. The KidZone app is a nice way to disable most of your phone’s functions and just leave access to T-Mobile TV, Bejewelled, YouTube, and the web browser. That way you can hand the phone to a child to play with and they won’t be able to mess it up or get into too much trouble. Media Room is a cool app that gives you shortcuts to other media related aspects of the phone, but also allows you to share content to other DLNA compatible devices. It’s called “Screen Share” but it also streams music and doesn’t actually share your screen. T-Mobile also added their “My Account” and “My Device” apps which are generally useful. Netflix is included for you streaming movie needs, and Polaris Office is there to help you view Office documents you may receive. The device also comes with the T-Mobile TV app, T-Mobile Mall, Qik Video Chat, Telenav GPS, a cool setup utility, Wi-Fi Calling, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and YouTube.

I was interested in the Genius button on the MyTouch 4G since that offers a nice voice recognition interface. A few things about it were a bit annoying though. Every time I pressed the button (after turning the phone on), it would have to take a few seconds in order to voice-activate the names in my contact list. In other words, I would often have to wait a pretty long time before getting to the listening mode. Then on numerous occasions when trying to recognize a command, it would come back with an error about not being able to reach the network even though I had quite a good 4G data connection. So I wouldn’t say it was terribly reliable. When functional, the Genius button accepts commands for texting people, calling people, searching the web, and finding local businesses. Yes, the Google search widget’s microphone button brings up a completely different voice recognition interface with very similar functions so that’s not terribly consistent or user-friendly.

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