T-Mobile HTC Flyer Software Tour (Video)

In this video we’ll be taking a closer look at the software on the T-Mobile HTC Flyer.

Running Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) with HTC Sense 1.0 for Tablets, the device is very snappy, suffering from only a few Sense crashes here and there. Hopefully an upgrade to Honeycomb, or more likely, Ice Cream Sandwich will allow for additional pen functionality (which is currently very limited).

HTC has included its own book and video content apps in Reader and Watch along with a handful of other interesting programs such as Press Reader, Snapbooth, Dock Mode, and Car Panel.

The split statusbar / quick settings is a nice feature as well, giving one a fast way to accomplish multiple tasks without having to dig deep into system menus.

Thus far, even though the HTC Flyer is running a non-tablet Android OS, it is comfortable to use, and any missing functionality is rarely noticed.

The 32GB HTC Flyer is available from T-Mobile for $399 with a two year contract from B2B sales.

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