T-Mobile now has Galaxy S9 BOGO deal

Subscriber growth at T-Mobile has been continuous and impressive, but it has let up a bit since its peak. And part of that really shows: it’s building out fresh spectrum licenses for its network and is not racing to push showy promotions. That doesn’t mean that the Un-carrier won’t run showy promotions.

The “buy one, get one” formula is certainly a popular one these days and that’s where T-Mobile is headed with the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S8 Active. Customers can buy any combination pair and get a $720 credit (the price of an S9) applied over 24 months as long as they add at least one line or start a new account with two lines. Users can get up to six pairs per account.

One big catch is that the credits won’t save consumers from paying $120 down for an S9+ and $130 on the spot for an S8 Active. Those minimum down payment amounts are for well-qualified customers and there’s taxes on the full value of the hardware lumped on top, too. JUMP! lessees can take advantage of this promotion while JUMP! On Demand users will need to move off the program, locking them to these devices for two years.

No word on how long this deal will last.

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