T-Mobile Galaxy S8 update rolling out, overcorrects some units’ tints

For those of you suffering a reddish hue on the display of your Galaxy S8, Samsung has begrudgingly begun to roll out a software update to fix that up. T-Mobile has passed along the update to its customers and it looks like it has produced some mixed results.

The Galaxy S8 subreddit has a thread up tracking how its progress through the community. Unfortunately for many users, the results have come up mixed, with the majority reporting different color issues.

The red tint remains for some, especially at a slight off-angle view, — the OLED phenomenon of color shifting is more prevalent at extreme angles — but others are reporting that blue or green tints are now coming in heavy. Ironic that imprecise RGB calibration gets “fixed” by an update with imprecise RGB calibration.

Accredited evaluation group DisplayMate, which rated the Galaxy S8’s screen top marks on many aspects, did acknowledge their unit had noticeable and measurable deviation for red, but still rated it “very good” on the balance of color.

Some customers who wanted to return their unit to T-Mobile stores were told to wait for the update or pay a $50 restocking fee to shelve the device. Now that the update is out, will customers who feel duped get that fee shelved? And does Samsung now officially regret putting the update out?

We’ll want to see your Galaxy S8’s screen after this update, just to get a slightly wider idea of how many units were overcorrected.

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