T-Mobile will start shipping pre-ordered Galaxy S8 a little early, 6GB RAM variant sold out in Korea

There’s both good and bad news to report on the early Samsung Galaxy S8 availability front, from a US carrier and the Korean smartphone manufacturer respectively.

As always, T-Mobile likes to reward its customers rushing to adopt the latest flagship Androids, although this time, Magenta can’t pull off dramatically short delivery terms. All a handful of Galaxy S8 buyers from the nation’s third largest wireless service provider are promised is that shipping “will start on April 19 prior” to the handheld’s official release.

Expect to be charged before long, and maybe, just maybe receive your hot new “Infinity Display” giants next Thursday, on the 20th. Of course, Samsung previously said some lucky shoppers stateside, up north and in Korea will be able to get their pre-orders fulfilled and delivered as early as April 18.

No operator names were mentioned then, so it could still happen elsewhere. Meanwhile, it’s surely too late to go for one of those super-high-end 6GB RAM/128GB ROM Plus configurations now, and hope for swift distribution. The Korean exclusive is completely sold out already, after a cool 150,000 units were cleaned up in a measly five days, with inventory to be refreshed no sooner than the end of May.

So much for our international expansion dreams, which Samsung kept alive by saying it all depends on demand. Perhaps someday further down the road.

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