T-Mobile has come out in public on its wiley ways to subvert its partners in the smartphone industry who make the phones that go onto networks such as T-Mobile’s. It stated that it would reward early birds who pre-ordered their Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ with a delivery date well before first shipments were due to begin on April 19.

Well, no duh. It’s done it before with other phones including the Galaxy S7 and it’ll do it again.

One AndroidForums administrator has been notified by the Un-carrier that one of each new device has shipped today. We should disclose that the package will be shipped to associate Chris Chavez who will do a review for each on sister site Phandroid.

We expect a long weekend wait as it is the Easter holiday, but we wouldn’t be surprised if CEO John Legere were to don a bunny suit and hand deliver a few phones as he does his Slow-Cooker Sunday show.

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