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Is This Samsung SGH-T889 T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2?

By Stephen Schenck September 5, 2012, 1:01 pm

Last night we heard about Samsung’s SGH-i317, a Jelly Bean Android with a 1.6GHz processor and 720p display, apparently on its way to AT&T. We wondered then if the model might be one of the US editions of the Galaxy Note 2. Well, now we’ve got another contender in the running, and this time for T-Mobile version of the handset.

A screenshot has surfaced, supposedly showing the “about” screen for Samsung’s model SGH-T889. The theory goes that this could be T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2, but we’re not quite sure that these two models are the same phone. When comparing User Agent Profiles for both models, we can see that they’re nearly identical, but there are a few small inconsistencies; it’s nothing that reveals much, but if these really are the same phone with two different radios, we’d expect the files to be even more similar than they are. Of course, it’s conceivable that one or both of those aren’t finalized, and they’ll eventually get in sync before the hardware is actually released.

The first Note was the SGH-T879 for T-Mobile, so the numbering here makes a lot of sense for the Note 2. Hopefully, Samsung will confirm its US launch plans for the smartphone in the very near future, so we can finally start getting to the bottom of this one.

Source: TmoNews
Via: Android Central

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