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America’s number one cellular provider in customer satisfaction… and savings isn’t looking to take sides as far as video streaming wars are concerned, equally supporting Hulu, Netflix and even arch-rival AT&T’s DirecTV Now.

You can technically cross that last VOD service off the list, as T-Mobile cleverly tries to distance itself from any Ma Bell association while savagely mocking the sloppy “Death Star.” Simultaneously, Netflix is back in Magenta’s limelight, sweetening yet another Galaxy S7 deal meant to make us forget its highly anticipated sequel will roll out very soon.

Interestingly enough, T-Mo prominently advertises just the S7 and S7 Edge as qualifying devices for a free year of Netflix, but the S6 and S6 Edge are also listed as eligible on the detailed rules webpage. To be certain, you’ll want to purchase or lease the newer flagship phones by February 7, cough up their sales tax and any applicable down payment, then register for this winter Samsung promotion before February 21, and finally, redeem your gift by March 31.

A 12-month Netflix subscription typically costs a whopping $120, mind you, and a Galaxy S7 starts at $26 a month, with $50 upfront, from T-Mobile. Pretty decent bargain, especially when Android 7.0 Nougat is right around the corner. The “Un-carrier” updates have moved from “manufacturer development” to “T-Mobile testing”, meaning they’re probably a measly few weeks away. Maybe less.

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