T-Mobile has free lines and discounted Apple Watch Series 3 as top Valentine’s Day deals

Aside from buying their special someone the occasional limited edition red or pink phone as a remarkable gift from the heart, how can a tech enthusiast celebrate Valentine’s Day while avoiding cliches?

T-Mobile CEO John Legere may have the answer, and no, it does not involve BOGO promotions that are so routine these days. Of course, if you’re looking for two Samsung or LG “superphones” at a great price, the “Un-carrier” also has you covered.

But starting tomorrow, you can save a few bucks on the most universally praised unlimited wireless service in America as well. Namely, every existing T-Mobile ONE family plan is eligible for a free line with a new paid add-on.

For instance, if you have two active lines of service right now, fetching $120 in total a month, Netflix included, you can add a third to bring the overall cost up to $140, and then a complimentary fourth.

Even better, you can use said free line to activate the LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3, which now costs $215 instead of $430… with a catch. Specifically, you’ll need to purchase a Series 3 at the full retail price to get half off a second unit.

Last but not least, John Legere urges you to “step AWAY from those stuffed bears and candy hearts”, and also get your valentine a pair of Beats Solo3 headphones at $60 off, the Powerbeats3 at $40 off, or the BeatsX at $120 instead of their $150 MSRP.

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