Under the standard terms of its popular Carrier Freedom offer, T-Mobile lets subscribers to major rival networks easily switch wireless service providers with early termination fees covered, as long as you don’t mind trading in your existing phone for a payout that doesn’t always seem fair.

To further smoothen the transition, and incentivize about 14 million Verizon customers “feeling trapped” despite dreaming of a radical change, T-Mo will kick off a truly unprecedented deal cheekily dubbed #GetOutoftheRed on May 31.

Starting exactly a week from today, for a limited time in the “Un-carrier’s” stores nationwide, Big Red users will be able to make the switch they so badly crave for with less effort than ever before, minimal strings attached and potential long-term savings of thousands, yes, thousands of dollars.

The way this works is you simply take your Verizon-compatible iPhone SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, Google Pixel or Pixel XL to Magenta, port in your number with T-Mobile ONE, pop in a new SIM, and get to keep your beloved handheld. No more worrying about paying Big Red a dime, regardless of how much you might owe in ETFs, and T-Mobile will even take care of actual outstanding phone fees. No trade-in required either, just $15 a month for a Premium Device Protection Plus plan, which, you guessed it, is going to cover your used phone, no questions asked.

It’s almost too good to be true, and alas, it only includes the aforementioned Apple and Google devices from Verizon. Then again, AT&T and Sprint customers are also invited in on the fun starting May 31 for a limited time, with ETFs no longer a concern, and the trade-in condition suspended.

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