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T-Mobile Device Unlock app hits Google Play for quick, easy phone unlocks

By Rithvik Rao August 7, 2014, 11:44 pm

The long-rumored device-unlocking app from T-Mobile is now here. The Un-carrier today released the T-Mobile Device Unlock app to Google Play earlier in the day as an easy method to undo the carrier locks on phones, but there’s a catch of course.

The application currently only functions on T-Mo’s Samsung Galaxy Avant, a low-to-midranger which… isn’t the most impressive phone out there, shall we say. The app is installable on other devices, as we discovered with a T-Mobile-branded Galaxy Note 3, but it doesn’t function. We’re hoping (and expecting) the app will make the leap to other T-Mobile phones in the near future.


As for the app’s functionality, it serves to provide two different unlock types: Temporary, and Permanent. We can’t exactly test them ourselves, but TmoNews previously had reported that the former is a 30-day affair, while the latter is forever (and presumably, you won’t be able to switch back to a locked state).

Also, you must meet “eligibility requirements” in order to get your phone unlocked, and we have yet to learn exactly what these are. We hope to be getting a device supporting this T-Mobile service soon in order to test this feature out, so stay tuned for further coverage.

Update: A bit of clarification on the eligibility requirements: A T-Mobile document, revised in May 2014, lists out all the details about device compatibility and unlock requirements, but we’re unsure if anything is different for this app (and the 30-day unlock).

Source: Google Play, TmoNews
Via: Android Central


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