Looking to switch to T-Mobile? Looking for a new GSM smartphone (hopefully you’re looking for a device with T-Mobile’s bands)? Are you regretting a recent purchase at T-Mobile right now because you wished you had just waited a week (hi there)? In all seriousness, welcome to the Un-carrier, here’s what to do.

T-Mobile’s offering some “super smartphone deals” which is actually just one deal on 11 devices. Just apply a coupon right from the splash page below and then add one of the phones below to your cart. You can take $100 off the price tag of a:

  • iPhone 6s ($649.99 full)
  • iPhone 6s Plus ($749.99)
  • iPhone 6 ($549.99)
  • iPhone 6 Plus ($649.99)
  • LG G4 ($479.76)
  • LG V10 ($599.99)
  • Galaxy S6 ($579.99)
  • Galaxy S6 edge ($679.99)
  • Galaxy S6 edge+ ($779.99)
  • Galaxy Note 4 ($549.99)
  • Galaxy Note 5 ($699.99)

It’s $100 off the total price of the phone, no matter if you pay it in full or if you decide to finance the device. That means you can get an LG G4 for $379.76 — better than what you’ll find on eBay right now and you’ll get to pay it off over a couple of years!

Take note that the discount is web-only, needs a qualifying plan and cannot be combined with other T-Mobile discounts. We also don’t know how long its running the promo.

But a Benji off for any of these smartphones is definitely something to consider.

Source: T-Mobile
Via: TmoNews

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