T-Mobile de-prioritization cap upped 56 percent to 50GB

We boldly made the claim that the de-prioritization cap was the next front in the United States carrier wars back when T-Mobile raised that cap from 28GB to 30GB.

The “Fair Usage Threshold,” as part of the T-Mobile ONE plan’s stipulations, allowed the network to throttle users’ speeds in high congestion areas and periods if they used more than a certain amount of data in a bill cycle. Keep in mind that the Un-carrier has hiked this number from 23GB to the current 32GB at some point — carriers’ typical explanation for how they set this cap is that it’s the third percentile (3%) of data use evaluated every so often.

Funny how things continue to change. Android Central picked up on an internal bulletin from an anonymous source reading that T-Mobile’s threshold would jump to 50GB from September 20. And then, T-Mobile itself started confirming the news.

Those streaming Netflix for free on T-Mobile’s tab will be pretty happy to see this, right? The dilemma of network management will be an easier one… though if a particular cell site is getting normal load, over-users won’t be affected by throttling, and if it’s under heavy load, everyone would be suffering anyways.

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