T-Mobile has data breached into — 15 million customers affected

We can talk about mobile privacy and security all we want. We can talk about keeping the data on our phones safe, be it that you’re on the side of BlackBerry, Blackphone or whatever else. But you can’t really prepare for when the carrier you signed your phone up with has its data centers hacked into. So is the case for T-Mobile customers.

Experian — the world’s largest consumer credit ratings agency — notified T-Mobile this afternoon of a breach that may have compromised encrypted data of about 15 million customers.

The breach took place in a server not in Experian’s consumer credit unit on September 15. Names, dates of birth, addresses, Social Security and identity card numbers and other pieces of information are included in credit check records — checks you have to go through if you’re buying service or a device through T-Mobile on an installment or leasing plan. Credit card and banking info were not touched. People who applied for service between September 1, 2013 and September 16, 2015 are affected.

Experian North America has not found any evidence suggesting fraudulent activity based off of data from the breach. Customers as well as federal and international law enforcement have been notified while the company itself is conducting an investigation.

If you have concerns on being affected by the breach, Experian is offering two years of free credit monitoring which you can access here.

Source: T-Mobile, Experian (PR Newswire)
Via: Reuters, CNBC

Correction: We have revised our headline, which previously featured the word “subscribers.” It now reflects the totality of the population affected.

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