It’s hardly a secret that T-Mobile has been preparing to start carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note. After all, considering the amount of circumstantial evidence that has been piling-up, you’d have to be willfully ignorant to not see the signs of the phone’s pending arrival. Despite confidence being high in a T-Mobile Note, the carrier had yet to officially confirm anything at all regarding its intentions for the phone. That finally changes today, upon T-Mobile tweeting its announcement of the Galaxy Note.

After all this waiting, T-Mobile’s confirmation still feels a bit empty, as it doesn’t even start to narrow-down a potential release date. The carrier insists that more information on the handset will be forthcoming, and it sure better be if the rumors we’ve heard regarding when T-Mobile will kick-off sales are accurate. The most recent stab at a release, taken from a leaked roadmap, places the phone’s arrival on August 8, just over three weeks away.

AT&T still has the Note at $250 on-contract, and if T-Mobile wants the handset to arrive with any kind of fanfare, it had sure better be planning to undercut that figure; $200 makes a lot of sense, while $150 would be bit of a coup. After all, it’s already been nine months since the Note first launched, which is an eternity in smartphone time. Even the Sprint Galaxy Nexus, which felt like a huge afterthought, only arrived with that carrier five months after its international debut. When we also factor-in rumors that the Note 2 will be announced in late August, T-Mobile may have its work cut out in bringing users to the original Note.

Source: T-Mobile (Twitter)
Via: Engadget

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