T-Mobile CEO explores new, hilariously creative ways of mocking AT&T

After busting Verizon’s balls in a couple of witty TV commercials, including one starring the infamous Steve Harvey that debuted at the Super Bowl, T-Mobile lifted the foot off the competition-lampooning pedal a little.

Sure, there was also the mildly amusing “DeATTh Star” stunt for Star Wars Day last week, but compared to some of John Legere’s past antics, that felt subdued and even a tad lazy.

Consider it the calm before the storm though, as T-Mo’s CEO might be cooking up his most epic trolling effort yet. Legere recently spent no less than $21,800 (from company money, we presume) to win an unusual auction for the rights over… an athlete’s shoulder.

The name is Nick Symmonds, and for six upcoming races, including prospective Olympic events, Magenta can do with the track star’s skin as it pleases. Specifically, the “UnCarrier” is free to temporarily tattoo on Symmonds’ right shoulder its logo, a publicity slogan or, you guessed it, something to piss Verizon or AT&T off.

Following a first round of Twitter voting, the most likely advertising stunt to be used is Legere’s own emoji, accompanied by the simple, evocative and typical text “F#@% AT&T.” Classy? Not even close. Gut-bustingly hilarious and refreshingly undiplomatic? Definitely.

But John Legere also has a few other ideas, which he intends to mock up soon and throw in the mix for the operator’s fans to choose from. Meanwhile, Nick Symmonds feels like a very strong candidate for his third consecutive Olympics qualification, having won a silver World medal in the 800 meters race in 2013, and AT&T remains a trusted partner of the US Olympic Committee.

Hence, T-Mobile’s $21K+ expense may prove to be quite the sound investment for the potential media exposure, not to mention public Ma Bell humiliation.

Sources: ESPN, Twitter
Via: BGR

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