You might know Desmond Smith just as Des from T-Mobile. He works product and social content and social media for the Un-carrier in the United States. And he apparently likes to fly, swim and move around.

But he’s one good sport in the fact that he got back to a customer’s concern about the LG V30‘s status on its upgrade to Android Oreo.

One “RedOregon” asked Smith about the lack of updates on the state of the process — T-Mobile lets users know on its website when an update has been sent over by the manufacturer and what stages of testing it’s in — and the company man responded.

Simple enough. Android Oreo will come later this month instead of this week. Perhaps we should wonder what’s going on with LG since it was able to push the update out to Verizon, Sprint and AT&T first.

But Des had to ask about RedOregon’s name and why he’s in Texas nowadays.

At least we know that Des can make someone’s day.

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