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T-Mobile BlackBerry Priv sales finally start in just one more week

By Stephen Schenck January 19, 2016, 11:01 am

AT&T may have brought BlackBerry’s Android-running Priv to the States, thanks to a limited-time exclusivity deal with the manufacturer, but it’s already been a couple months since the handset landed, and other carriers have been eagerly looking forward to the day when they could get their own Priv sales started. Earlier this month we saw the rest of the big four lining up to get a shot at the Priv, with Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile alike all getting ready to add the phone to their own lineups. Today we start getting some of the details on just how that will happen, as T-Mobile prepares to bring the Priv to its users.

T-Mobile sales of the Priv will get underway in one week, on January 26. Users are welcome to finance the phone, but full-price the Priv will set them back just about $720. Compare that to AT&T, which sells the Priv for $740, as well as BlackBerry itself, where the phone is just about $700.

That all makes T-Mobile’s pricing seem relatively reasonable, but then again, we’ve heard that some much-needed Priv discounts could be just another month or so away – will such expectations ultimately have a negative effect on early T-Mobile Priv sales, as users wait for a better price? We’re not sure, but as more and more US carriers start getting into the Priv business (and Verizon looks nearly ready to go), competition could really start heating up – to the benefit of shoppers.

Source: T-Mobile

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