Even more video providers join T-Mobile Binge On in 6th expansion wave

America’s favorite on-the-go free streaming service (with a catch) is rapidly closing in on 100 partners, covering online video categories as diverse as anime, broadcast networks, gaming, kids & cartoons, religion, sports and user generated content.

In its sixth expansion effort since a commercial debut just seven months back, T-Mobile Binge On adds support for Azubu, Dailymotion Games, Eyegroove, PBS, and PBS KIDS TV shows and eSports action, among others, reaching a headcount of “nearly” 90 video providers.

As Uncarrier CEO John Legere eloquently puts it, “Binge On has everyone covered, whatever you and your family watch – from Jon Snow to Elmo.”  You can therefore “go ahead and binge on entire seasons of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead and never worry about using up your high-speed data.”

T-Mo perfectly responded to the customers’ “surging demand for mobile entertainment by unleashing mobile video”, and apparently facilitated the no-strings-attached streaming of “more than 500 million hours of video” already. Just remember to sign up to a qualifying Simple Choice plan if you want to see what all the fuss is about, and don’t expect great quality (typically around the 480p mark).

Sources: T-Mobile Newsroom, Binge On website

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