T-Mobile rebrands ‘evil’ rival AT&T as The DeATTh Star for this year’s May the Fourth

May 4, aka May the Fourth, aka unofficial Star Wars Day, is probably a happier celebration today than it’s been for over three decades, following the historic commercial success and overwhelmingly positive critical reception of the 2015 “Force Awakens” reboot.

Granted, it’s also a more somber commemoration than usual, in the absence of our beloved Han Solo (spoiler alert?), but you can always rely on Internet memes and… T-Mobile pranks to put a smile on your face on such mixed-feeling occasions.

Yes, T-Mo CEO John Legere strikes back at AT&T for “padding” its latest subscriber numbers, among other things, calling America’s second largest service provider an “Evil Empire set on bringing back the dark days of US wireless.”

How can you stay away from the dark side? Simple, by rejecting the “pathologically controlling and dominating” Ma Bell, and installing this hilarious Chrome extension on your laptops and desktops that changes every mention of the AT&T name on the web to “The DeATTh Star.”

Pretty cheesy wordplay, but so is a phrase like May the Fourth be with you (and Revenge of the Fifth, for that matter), so Legere might still win the Internet… yet again, devising possibly the most popular little Google Chrome browser add-on since John Oliver’s Drumpfinator.

Oh, oh, oh, and a giveaway of sorts is teased on the “Uncarrier’s” official blog to “keep the Rebel Alliance energized”, so as silly as it seems, you can have some fun with The DeATTh Star, tweet your best finds and screengrabs, and net a few surprise freebies.

Sources: T-Mobile, Google Chrome Store

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