T-Mobile wants to make up for AT&T’s DirecTV Now ‘mess’ with free Hulu for switchers

Is it just us, or are T-Mobile’s digs at the competition, especially AT&T, getting more and more vicious and frequent, as the “Un-carrier” continues to roll out nasty commercial after commercial, and sweet promo after promo?

In the past few weeks alone, T-Mo has gone for the “Death Star’s” jugular at least three times, deeming the latter’s DirecTV Now exclusivity hints “a load of crap”, then outright accusing Ma Bell of (metaphorically) giving its subscribers fleas, and today aiming to “cover the stench of DirecTV Now.”

How? By again having its customers’ backs, compensating those who recently switched over from AT&T with a free year of Hulu for the “total disaster” and “complete mess” that is DirecTV Now. In all fairness, those two slaps in AT&T’s face actually hail from the New York Post and The Verge, while Tom’s Guide called the “over-the-top” video streaming app “sluggish, buggy and sometimes broken”, as well as “not ready for prime time.”

That’s obviously not Hulu’s case, and although the VOD service is a much lower value, at $7.99 a month with “limited commercials”, at least it “actually works”. For years now, with millions of devoted users proving its worth and reliability.

What’s great about T-Mobile’s new deal is AT&T converts can nab their $95-worth Hulu freebie while also retaining the $420-valued DirecTV Now subscription. Who knows, it may get better with time.

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