Late last month, we heard that T-Mobile would finally move from the sidelines of iPhone game, where it encouraged users to bring their unlocked iPhones to its network but didn’t directly sell any handsets itself, to a more involved role, joining the rest of the major carriers in selling the iPhone directly. Those rumors said that we could hope to get the full story around December 6 or 7. We weren’t sure just how much faith to put in those claims, since rumors have talked about T-Mobile and the iPhone for years now. Sure enough, though, the carrier has just made things official, confirming plans to get in the Apple business sometime next year.

For now, details are scant, but the underlying message is clear. In a press release, parent company Deutsche Telekom explains, “T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together in 2013.”

Maybe T-Mobile will wait to sell the iPhone until its 1900MHz coverage is a little more pervasive. Perhaps it will wait until it starts getting LTE off the ground. We might not even see it get the iPhone until the 5S, or however Apple names the next iteration, arrives. One way or another, it’s happening.

Source: Deutsche Telekom
Via: MobileBurn

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