T-Mobile celebrates 14 quarters in a row of winning share from the competition

Verizon and AT&T are branching out, Sprint continues on its slow but sure way back to profitability, while T-Mobile is as bombastic as always in unveiling “industry-leading” financial results for the year’s third quarter.

Yes, John Legere has every reason to be pleased about another three months of “producing both financial growth and shareholder value”, with 2 million total customer net adds, $9.2 billion revenue and $366 million net income reported between July and September 2016.

That’s Magenta’s 14th consecutive quarter of 1 million+ subscriber growth, and it’s also the 13th consecutive quarter in which both postpaid and prepaid progresses are achieved. Strictly from a prepaid standpoint, Q3 2016 was the second best quarter in the company’s history, with 684,000 net customer additions, as the MetroPCS brand thrives pretty much the same way the larger “UnCarrier” name does.

Overall, T-Mobile has “more than 69 million” users, which is still light-years behind Verizon and AT&T’s tallies, although Legere remains confident a “differentiated brand and incredible network experience” will someday help him lead America’s number one telecom operator.

In the meantime, “the fastest growing wireless company in America” can also flaunt a 165 percent year-on-year profit surge, 17.8 percent revenue hike, declining 1.32 percent branded postpaid phone churn, and 969,000 branded postpaid net customer additions. Color us impressed.

Source: T-Mobile Newsroom

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