T-Mobile is still far from matching the subscriber numbers of Verizon or AT&T, but when it comes to data speeds, network coverage, reliability and unlimited offers, the “Un-carrier” has been claiming victory for quite some time now.

Almost everything is subjective in the wireless industry, of course, with different reports ranking America’s “big four” cellular companies differently depending on the scope of their measurements, methodology and other statistical factors.

But one thing that’s not open to debate is T-Mobile’s 600 MHz spectrum domination. Deutsche Telekom really splashed the cash on expanding its US daughter operator’s rural infrastructure, as well as laying the foundation for the country’s “first nationwide 5G network.”

If the Un-carrier’s latest investments in 4G LTE-solidifying technology left you unimpressed, perhaps you’ll want to hear at least about the “record-shattering pace” at which it’s all evolving from auction to consumer availability.

Just two short months after T-Mo secured all those licenses from the FCC, the first 600 MHz call has been made, likely on an unreleased phone in a crude disguise. By the way, “both Samsung and LG plan to launch phones that tap into this new spectrum in the fourth quarter of this year.” No prizes for guessing the two’s names.

Apple is worryingly not mentioned in T-Mobile’s otherwise bombastic announcement of 600 MHz LTE deployment at a “breakneck pace.” The world’s first sites supporting the network are in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with many other locations across West Texas, Northwest Oregon, Southwest Kansas, Western North Dakota, Maine, Central Pennsylvania, Central Virginia and Eastern Washington also looking at activations by the end of the year.

In addition to improving data speeds, this “super-premium low-band spectrum” will allow T-Mobile to provide theoretical LTE coverage for 321 million Americans, up from “just” 315 mil, before 2017 wraps up. The US, in case you’re wondering, has a total resident population of around 325 million.

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