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T-Mobile completes 5G connection over 600MHz

By Jules Wang November 20, 2018, 5:02 pm

T-Mobile and Nokia have successfully made completed a downlink transmission on the carrier’s 600MHz spectrum using 5G technology.

The test, which occurred at a site in Spokane, Washington, is part of the network’s promotional beat in touting the wide reach of low-band spectrum to deliver connections across “hundreds of square miles” versus millimeter wave spectrum that may only cover less than a square mile per site. However, high-band frequencies do allow more room for higher speeds and better bandwidth in those smaller spaces.

The company did not disclose speeds of that connection or if an uplink was attempted.


T-Mobile also reminds us that if its merger with Sprint is allowed to go through, the company will also have access to a large cache of 2.5GHz spectrum for extra coverage.

600MHz towers are now live in more than 1,500 municipalities in 37 states and Puerto Rico.


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