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T-Mobile Offers a $15 Per Month Wireless Data Plan You (Probably) Can’t Have

By Stephen Schenck April 5, 2013, 3:13 pm

If you’ve ever shopped around for the best deals on wireless service in the US, T-Mobile’s offerings have no doubt caught your eye. Even before the company got started with its low-price, no-contract, “UNcarrier” plans, it had some great pre-paid options, including one with unlimited data that was a mere $30 a month. This week, the carrier announced a deal that blows even that one out of the water, bringing you wireless data for just $15 a month. Unfortunately, there’s one very big catch.

T-Mobile won’t sell you this plan for a smartphone, a tablet, or even a WiFi hotspot – unless that hotspot happens to have four wheels. See, Audi offers something called Audi Connect on its vehicles, using T-Mobile for its wireless data. The signal provides the connection for the car’s on-board systems, and it can also be routed though an in-vehicle wireless hotspot, bringing up to eight phones or tablets online.


While a normal monthly plan is $30, you can pre-pay for 30 months in advance, for only $450: that works out to just $15 a month. Oddly, there’s also a 24 month option for $600, giving you less service for more money.

We know, T-mobile doesn’t expect users to pull nearly as much data though their cars as they would with a stand-alone smartphone. But dang, a $15 monthly plan for something like a tablet would be a fantastic thing to have – the best the carrier has now is $15 for 300MB, and you only have a week to use it all. Also, Audi could be subsidizing some of this cost, but that doesn’t stop us from getting a little jealous.

Source: Audi
Via: MobileCrunch


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