Symbian Foundation Shuttering Websites, Pulling Twitter Feeds

The Symbian Foundation has announced plans to shut down all of its websites and, most likely, its Twitter feeds, as it transitions into its scaled-back role of licensing body. The organization which once oversaw the entire Symbian ecosystem is apparently now being forced to pull many resources offline, including source code, development kits, forums, and wikis, offering to make them available by mail on either on DVDs or USB thumb drives for a fee after the scheduled December 17th shutdown. Because of the work involved in compiling this material, none of will be available until January 31st of next year.

The Foundation’s shrunken agenda mirrors the woes of the plaform itself: out of its main three proponents, only Nokia continues to produce Symbian-powered hardware, and even Espoo is about to adopt its homegrown MeeGo operating system for high-end, N-series devices. Despite it’s rapidly shrinking user base, however, Symbian continues to be a popular OS in developing countries, where inexpensive S40 and S60 handsets sometimes provide folks with their only regular access to computers. The platform just received a boost of 22 million euros along with a commitment to aid in its development from 24 European tech-focused entities, as well as acknowledgement of its strategic importance to the continent.

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