Symbian Foundation Closing Doors?

After the surprise resignation of Symbian Foundation CEO Lee M Williams last week, rumors are now circulating that it will close operations completely due to a lack of funding.

According to The Register, a source close to Symbian said that Williams’ replacement Tim Holbrow will be given the task of winding down operations and offer redundancy packages to current employees. Symbian has refused to make any comment on the story but did confirm that the board is currently reviewing strategy.

Symbian’s three largest sponsors are Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Nokia. Recently Samsung notified developers that it will cease support for the Symbian platform and haven’t released a Symbian-powered device since July of last year. Sony Ericcson also recently announced that it has no further plans to develop cellphones powered by the Symbian operating system.

This leaves Nokia as the only major sponsor still willing to fund Symbian. Nokia have problems too; a restructuring of their business strategy is believed to lead to 1,800 job losses in the near future.

Symbian is also losing market share rapidly. In 2008 it was used in 66% of smartphones. Today that figure has dropped to 41%, according to Business Insider and, it is only heading in one direction.

Source: The Register, Business Insider

Via: intomobile

Image: Symbian Foundation

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